I Wanna Know (Can You Show Me?) – Aspidities

Read it on Archive of Our Own A Tarzan AU and Supercorp, does that work 🤔🤯?! Apparently it does when Aspidities writes it 😏. When she is a baby Kara's pod crashes on earth on a mountain in Africa. She is being raised by a group of mountain gorilla's. She doesn't know any different and … Continue reading I Wanna Know (Can You Show Me?) – Aspidities

Make America Gay Again – faithtastic

Read on Archive of Our Own Faithtastic is back! The author of Clexa classics such as Don't Wanna be Your Girl , Cut to The Chase , and Grand Slam Thank You, Ma'm. And this one is just as good💎❤️. The premise of the story is also brilliant. This time Lexa is the daughter of Titus Woods, a conservative Republican with right-wing leanings. Clarke … Continue reading Make America Gay Again – faithtastic

Turbulence – E.J. Noyes

Available at Bella Books It is a known fact. A couple not ready for a relationship embarks on a no strings affair. Enjoy each other, no hassle. Entirely right. Almost always goes well. unless you want more from the person you have great sex with and who you actually feel very comfortable with. Such an incident happened to wealthy stockbroker … Continue reading Turbulence – E.J. Noyes

The Midnight Moon – Gerri Hill

Available at Bella Books or Gerri Hill This novel is slightly different from the others. It is a kind of diptych, there is a part that takes place during a holiday. Sun, sea, and other fun things. And there's a part that takes place in 'back to reality'. In The Midnight Moon, Accountant Peyton Watts goes on a beach … Continue reading The Midnight Moon – Gerri Hill

At Seventeen – Gerri Hill

Available at Bella Books or Gerri Hill At Seventeen is one of my top favorite books by Gerri Hill. Everything about this book is so beautiful and fun and sweet and sexy. There is also some angst in the story. But that only adds up to the beautiful love story. In At Seventeen, Madison Lansford and Shannon Fletcher … Continue reading At Seventeen – Gerri Hill

My Protector – J.C. Wilder

My Protector – J.C. Wilder. Download via the link below (pdf) My Protector - J.C.-WilderDownload Finally, here's my first XWP fanfic fav I'm writing about. I have quite a few that I would like to share. Unfortunately, not everything can be found online. And now, I had burned everything to a cd disc years ago (yes, it's been … Continue reading My Protector – J.C. Wilder

Night Tide – Anna Burke

Available at Bywater Books If I were to keep lists of, for example, 'best kiss', one from Night Tide would be number 1. This second book in the Seal Cove Romance series by Anna Burke is so good! I really fell in love with the story of Lillian and Ivy 🥰. The story of Lillian Lee and Ivy Holden is one … Continue reading Night Tide – Anna Burke

Behind The Green Curtain – Riley LaShea

Available at website Riley LaShea or Amazon I often have trouble getting to know new authors. Then I prefer to stick to what I already know because I think that's good. New authors are then viewed through colored glasses and then I regularly drop out because I am not captivated by them. I know, it's a problem … Continue reading Behind The Green Curtain – Riley LaShea