Of Love and Loathing – MorganLeGaye

Read it on Archive of Our Own Just when I think nothing will surprise me anymore, I read a new f/f work that floors me! This SwanQueen fic is from 2013 and man, am I glad I found this now, 10 years later. MorganLeGaye wrote a truly magnificent romance with Of Love and Loathing 🥰. … Continue reading Of Love and Loathing – MorganLeGaye

A Foolish Wit – seabisuit

Read it on Archive of Our Own, art by Misslane Oh seabiscuit! How delightful your fics are 🥰. This one is no different. Original premise as well. What is it about you may ask? I will tell you. After the death of her brother Lex, Lena Luthor has a problem. There are no more male … Continue reading A Foolish Wit – seabisuit

Meridio’s Daughter – L.J. Maas

Read it on The Bard's Corner, PDF in the link below, or paperback Meridios-Daughter-L.J.-MaasDownload Another XWP 'blast from the past'. LJ Maas was a Xena fanfic legend. She has written great stories in the Xena fandom. Stories like this one. This was an uber fiction story, what would now be called an Alternative Universe. Casey is Meridio's Daughter and is on her way to … Continue reading Meridio’s Daughter – L.J. Maas

You’re One in a Million – Jazzfordshire

Read it on Archive of Our Own Jazzfordshire has written a lot of great Supercorp stories, but this stood out for me. It's cute. And romantic🥰. Take Miss Congeniality, one of my favorite movies and not at all because of Sandra Bullock 😇, dip it in a Supercorp sauce, et voila. Brilliantly conceived. If you're not familiar with the movie, … Continue reading You’re One in a Million – Jazzfordshire

Alone – E.J. Noyes

Available at Bella Books I read Alone by EJ Noyes almost a year ago now, but when I think about it, I can still remember how I felt. It was hot and I was sitting in the garden, and I felt so free because of the story of Celeste, who chose 4 years of solitude for … Continue reading Alone – E.J. Noyes