Five Moons Rising – Lise MacTague

Verkrijgbaar via Bella Books A bounty hunter, a lone werewolf, vampires, drama, suspense, and romance. What's not to like about this? Well, nothing. That's why this book by Lise MacTague is one of my favorites. It's like the Netflix series First Kill, but for adults 😏. Bounty hunter Marie Alice Nolan, Malice, is genetically engineered and extremely trained making her … Continue reading Five Moons Rising – Lise MacTague

Thorn – Anna Burke

Available through Bywater Books Thorne is a wonderful retelling by Anna Burke of The Beauty and The Beast. Sort of, because the beast is actually the beauty 😉. When Rowan's father steals a rose from 'the Huntress', the Huntress believes "a rose for a rose" is nothing short of fair. Rowan was given the rose as a … Continue reading Thorn – Anna Burke