Bittersweet Homecoming – Eliza Lentzski

Available at Amazon I adore a small town romance. It's relatable to me. Especially the escaping of small town life and later seeing that such a life isn't that bad at all 🥰. Abigail (Abby) Henry returns to her hometown Grand Marais, Minnesota. She returns there for the funeral of her sister's husband. She stays … Continue reading Bittersweet Homecoming – Eliza Lentzski

One Simple Refrain – Nancy Ann Healy

Available at Amazon Wow, reading One Simple Refrain was like watching Brothers & Sisters. With Leona obviously being the character played by Sally Field. Sorry, this is slightly off topic. But it is true though, this book reads like a movie or TV show. Most of the book consists of dialogue. And since I am … Continue reading One Simple Refrain – Nancy Ann Healy

Christmas Inn Maine – Chelsea M. Cameron

Available at Amazon I love Christmas, I really do. There are a few things though, I am not a fan of. Things like the chaos in anticipation towards Christmas. People running around like crazy trying to get everything done before Christmas. The never-ending Hallmark Christmas movies my wife loves to watch, starting in November. Though … Continue reading Christmas Inn Maine – Chelsea M. Cameron

The Secret Pond – Gerri Hill

Available at Bella Books or Gerri Hill Oh, it's time for another Gerri Hill favorite. And every time I post about a favorite, especially one by Gerri Hill, I immediately want to read the book again. And I don't have the time! Aaaarch! But I guess there are worse things. And I've read all these books once (or more) and … Continue reading The Secret Pond – Gerri Hill

Gillette Park – Gerri Hill

Available at Bella Books or Gerri Hill A novel with a psychic in it, is that possible? And then also a real one that can be taken seriously? Because unfortunately it is getting pretty silly against Dr. Grace Jennings and about her gift. But leave it to Gerri Hill to write a nice story around this. But fear not … Continue reading Gillette Park – Gerri Hill

At the Water’s Edge – Harper Bliss

Available at Harper Bliss webshop or the sequel via Deluxe edition I think Harper Bliss is a very interesting author. That may not come off as enthusiastic, but I truly am about her. I have read many of her books. She writes books that regularly deal with controversial topics such as alcoholism, suicide(tendency), body positivity, extreme sex, polyamorous, … Continue reading At the Water’s Edge – Harper Bliss

Beautiful Dreamer – Melissa Brayden

Available at Bella Books Of course, I am not superficial at all. But I have to admit that this book caught my eye because of the beautiful woman on the cover! And I just waited for her to turn around. So much for the somewhat superficiality. Beautiful Dreamer is one of the first lesfic novels I bought when I … Continue reading Beautiful Dreamer – Melissa Brayden

Spindrift – Anna Burke

Available at Bywater Books Spindrift is the first Anna Burke book I've read. By then I had already read 100+ lesfic novels. I didn't know Anna Burke yet, but review sites were very enthusiastic about her, so I thought let's try it. I always have to get used to a new voice when I read an author I … Continue reading Spindrift – Anna Burke