Strawberry Summer – Melissa Brayden

Available at Bold Strokes Melissa Brayden has written many beautiful novels. But some really stand out for me. Like Strawberry Summer. Margaret Beringer and Courtney Carrington were each other's first true love. They were so in love that no one could have imagined that they would ever break up. Yet that happened. And it was all very painful. When Margaret sees … Continue reading Strawberry Summer – Melissa Brayden

The Goodmans – Clare Ashton

Available at Amazon or Kobo Despite the fact that I've read a whole lot of books in the last two years. And while I still have a long to-read list of books I've already bought or downloaded in the case of fanfic. I still love to read my favorite books a second time. So, The Goodmans is one … Continue reading The Goodmans – Clare Ashton

At Seventeen – Gerri Hill

Available at Bella Books or Gerri Hill At Seventeen is one of my top favorite books by Gerri Hill. Everything about this book is so beautiful and fun and sweet and sexy. There is also some angst in the story. But that only adds up to the beautiful love story. In At Seventeen, Madison Lansford and Shannon Fletcher … Continue reading At Seventeen – Gerri Hill

Girl Island – Kate Castle

Available at Amazon Actually, I don't read many Young Adult books. But I was pleasantly surprised when I started reading this book by Kate Castle! It made me think about myself and when I was 17. What a long time ago now! I didn't read much when I was that age, but I think I would have been very excited … Continue reading Girl Island – Kate Castle