A Foolish Wit – seabisuit

Read it on Archive of Our Own, art by Misslane Oh seabiscuit! How delightful your fics are 🥰. This one is no different. Original premise as well. What is it about you may ask? I will tell you. After the death of her brother Lex, Lena Luthor has a problem. There are no more male … Continue reading A Foolish Wit – seabisuit

Gonna Make You Sweat – Jazzforshire

Read it on Archive of Our Own Another thing that is part of the beginning of the year is New Year's resolutions. Top 'favorite' one is getting fit, hitting the gym, dreams of that elusive toned body, well you get it. This short Supercorp fic is an appropriate one to motivate you 😏. Ever since … Continue reading Gonna Make You Sweat – Jazzforshire

Biding Time – Lyn Gardner

Available at Amazon Oh, I had such a conundrum with this one. While reading Biding Time the feeling krept up on me that I lost focus sometimes. Lyn Gardner tells an incredibly elaborate story. And I am impatient. What started as a definite candidate for a favorite title, became a bit of a long-winded story. … Continue reading Biding Time – Lyn Gardner

The Goodmans – Clare Ashton

Available at Amazon or Kobo Despite the fact that I've read a whole lot of books in the last two years. And while I still have a long to-read list of books I've already bought or downloaded in the case of fanfic. I still love to read my favorite books a second time. So, The Goodmans is one … Continue reading The Goodmans – Clare Ashton

The Sex Therapist Next Door – Meghan O’Brien

Available at Bella Books Ok, well generally sex occurs in lesfic to a greater or lesser extent. Frankly, I like it, so to speak, when the main characters can express their love passionately in a book. Meghan O'Brien does that very explicitly. That is why her books certainly belong to the erotic genre. Then again, sex for the sake … Continue reading The Sex Therapist Next Door – Meghan O’Brien

Spindrift – Anna Burke

Available at Bywater Books Spindrift is the first Anna Burke book I've read. By then I had already read 100+ lesfic novels. I didn't know Anna Burke yet, but review sites were very enthusiastic about her, so I thought let's try it. I always have to get used to a new voice when I read an author I … Continue reading Spindrift – Anna Burke